betway必威带来你走上前男士爱情片厂牌《MEN AT PLAY》的台前幕后。Truth is not like what you think




Homie is not change no matter how big change happen in future. So he
left the guy. They are not in the world now.

Men At Play 是平贱欧洲底丈夫爱情片厂牌,之前总部在伦敦,现在凡是西班牙。

The baby father met each other in the supermarket.


Hey. Lip.


I have a new lease on life.

Men At Play知名的原由是他那个好地聚焦于一个特定需求的商海。

What 17-year-old gay kid isn’t horny?

电影的栋梁都是别精致高贵西装的深Hot 而且死MAN的男模。

Franks’s milk of the gods.


You body is perfect.



They want to move people in who can pay taxes. So they push us out. And
eventually, we end up in a camp somewhere at the cage of civilization. A
tent city built on old landfills and toxic waste sites. And then they
start passing out the smallpox blanket.


You okay? Are you lost? Hahaha!

To be honest, I always thought you were just handjob whore. It’s ok. I
thought you are a illiterate bartender pimp.


Why don’t you don’t wanna go to the swim pool. Someone shit on it? No.
Someone shit on you?


How to let the boy want you. And when they do, what do you actually do?


They disrespect the college student. But he still alive even tired like
a dog. He never shows anything different in here. He is great.


Lip. Wet beats hot.


That was me asking you on a date. Because I figure you kinda can’t ask
me out. You know,because I work for you.


It means a lot. For my husband.


Laura. I’m–I’m Frank. I’m the liver.

每当Cybersocket获得2017年最佳欧洲Best European Site,Best Niche Site和Best
Sex Scene3桩奖励

It’s a constant temptation. I feel it in my stomach and my skin.


Let me see you face now. What face? You have no Mather? So I could do
for you what my mother did for me.


What the hell are you doing? Put your tongue back in my mouth. What is
this shit?! Five minutes ago, you were a baby. She looks good,right? I
am not answering that. But, this means yes.

At Play这个厂牌的前身。

Why is there a condom on it?


I have to go to the Alibi Bar. Why? It’s a job requirement.


Did I overstep? Did I freak you out?


Look, I know that there’s a thing like you are not supposed to date
newcomers or whatever, but I’m not really a newcomer because I’m not
really a drug addict, so you won’t be damaging me by dating me. No. I
would be damaged me. See, you go to the these meetings because the judge
ordered you too. And it’s fun. You can learn a little thing. But for me,
these meetings saved my life. Literally, every day.

各路演员送上祝福,也席卷目前正当红的Theo Ford

Realtors starters buying up property at better than market value, and
within a few months the whole neighborhood was over run with the gentry,
Bx as were forced out. Today, the urban gentry, is monied lesbians. They
knock on your door. They offer you twice what you home is worth, and
they do it because they know something you don’t.


You can’t laugh in a year. When you won’t be able to afford to live
here. They moved in, they took over. They kicked the homeless out of the
park as if they don’t have a god given right to sleep there. We are
dinosaurs. And a big, fat comet is headed for our sweet slice of earth.
And the comet is a Starbucks.

眼下以Men At Play也是时出现的栋梁之材之一

Hey. 14 will give you 20.


So as a stepmother, I think I have the responsibility to tell that the
reason people don’t like you, and that your father don’t want to be
round you. Is because you are very very needy. I just think you should
know that. And then you can work out. You are needy and annoying. And
slutty bad mother.


You want to dress like that. And hang in bars, you should learn to run
faster. That was insane. I can’t believe you just did that.



P: Do you feel a little self-conscious when you or you and your husband
walking on the street? Do you mind fans recognize you, take pictures,
and give them your autograph?

You see, this is what I’m saying, it’s the decline of civilization as we
know it.


You should get some for the bar. Hell no. I don’t need someone in a cons
after only buying one bear. I’ll get bankrupt.

T: It’s funny actually as people are too shy to come up to me on the
street. They would turn around and whisper “omg, that’s him”. My husband
notices it more than me. Most of the times, it happens in the gym or
hotel just when I least expect it. For example, when I go to shoot in
Madrid, one of the waiters there is a big fan, and the first time he saw
me he was “oh my god, are you Theo Ford”. It was eight in morning. I was
not showered, or picture-ready at all.

She is a girl here. She think she’s a piss of shit.


I died upstairs and then I came back to life. I was reborn in this

Sometimes, I do have people telling me afterwards that they saw me on
the street, and ask if next time they can come up to me. I was at Heaven
last night, and in the queue to get in there was a boy from China, he
turned around, and looked at me, and asked if I was Theo Ford. I said
Yes, and he said he was a big fan. I was with my husband and he wanted
to take a picture, it was sweet. I just do porn. It’s not like I’m a
Hollywood actor. I do have fans, but I am not bothered by people on the
street recognizing me. It’s always pleasant.



We all have our own dreams. me too.

Usually, people are really shy, because when you do porn, you are being
perceived as this sexual beacon of empowerment, which might intimidate
some. So they will love you on Twitter, but when seeing you on street,
they will be like “omg omg omg”.



Shit stuff. You wanna go? Are you sick? Turning into a beautiful

I think it’s great that the internet helps people to open themselves and
live the life they would like to. You have to be careful to get stuck
behind your computer or your phone. But this does help to build a
certain image and to market yourself, especially when your image is a
product to sell.



What did Ian do?

And my life on Twitter is pretty open. Most are personal things. I never
post sexually explicit content. It’s just me, my family will also find
it cute to look at it as I talk about my husband, my life, and what I

You just can’t control yourself. Because the stuff always came back. You
named yourself shameless, but now all of you felt hated this and wanted
to threw that. You guys felt shamed at this now.



Of course, there are links to my movies to promote, that’s the sexual
part. But this is the only sexual part of my Twitter, it’s my work. My
sexual life, as a person, is private. That’s actually the only thing
that can still be private in my life. So I would like to keep it that
way. Also because I am married, I want to protect it. I also want people
do realize that my life as a married man, is totally different and
separate from my life as an actor.

How does he touch you? If he punches it, it means you guys are friends.
If he squeezes it, it means he likes you.


Frank’s shirt wrote “谢谢你”.

P: So yourself as an actor, and we have got a few other interesting
terms here, such as porn star and performer, what do you think of these
three, and which one of them do you identify more with?

We have to take responsibility to our own behavior. We can’t rely on
each other.


Ivan stolen a baby. Frank almost died. Fiona slept with jimmy again when
she was married other guy. Lip can’t go to school because no one sent
letter to him. It comes off as needy and desperate.

T: I don’t perform on stage or night clubs, so I am not a performer. In
the scenes, you know it is a movie, there are people filming, we are
acting. Some of the things I do are not me, even if we have a dialogue
or a plot. For example, for, I got to play quite a few different
characters in my scenes, which is actually exciting.

Sammi was gonna crazy. She shot her dad, Frank. Let he say he need her.


I don’t think they control their relationship. I think they are just in
pain. It made me feel pain the same.

A lot of people say that I am not an actor, that I am just selling my
dick online. Yes of course, I am not quoting Shakespeare in my work, but
it is still acting, since I do not do things I would in my own life.

It’s easy to go back the life we used to be, but it’s not who we are
anymore! It’s not who I am anymore. I used to like the danger, the not
knowing who you were, the bad boy.


We are right together before. But I want something else right now. Time
changes people. It’s not you anymore. You should, you have to let me let
you go.

There are porn actors, and porn stars. Nowadays, you see some people who
have made one scene call themselves porn stars. I have made nearly 100
movies, and I am one of the top 30 (27th) most searched actors. Maybe at
one point, when you have enough experience, you can legitimately call
yourself a porn star. Porn star is still a little bit overrated term for

Whatever your real name is. Take care yourself, Fiona.


It’s the client cancelled the project. Jack is a good thief. Fiona. But
a shitty person. Jack…

P: So for people like Paddy Brian, do you think they can be called as
porn stars?


那像Paddy Brian等丁,你道她们是男星吧?


Paddy Brian

You have to make a decision.

T: Yes of course. You see the way they work is purely professional.
Paddy is one of these professionals, and he is a great guy. There are a
lot of them, and you can definitely tell the ones who are stars and
professionals, and the ones who do it because they just don’t know what
else to do. there’s a very big difference.

I feel guilty when I study here.


But if I came back to home, I really came back. And I came go out of
there anymore. I supposed to stay there even though i can’t help. But I
didn’t. The only reason. I stay here, in a long run, it’s they told me
is a good way to help family.

Paddy made a huge name for himself, and his name will appear in 90% of
the times when talking about porn, especially in the UK. And in the Top
30, I am ranked a little bit below him. I always feel so honored. It’s
nice and surprising to find out the way you see yourself is never as
good as the way others see you.

I’m gonna keep going here and I’m gonna keep making these payment. I’m
gonna show up, and I’m gonna count them out. This is what I need to do.
And your part, I hope, it’s patience.


Please. You know. I just need some time.

When you are in porn, you are exposed both physically and emotionally.
Compared to 20 years ago, it’s much easier to talk to porn actors these
days by social media. Now the game has changed completely, there is a
lot more guys. Social media does allow to find more talent, and great
talents, but also allows people who are not or should not be in porn.

Because you Americans like everything to be right or wrong. If someone
is like you, it’s right. If someone isn’t like you, it is wrong. But
it’s not real. Life is not so this or that, black and write.


You should be happy Kevin makes these changes. Because if no one does,
this is how babies end up in dumpsters.

P: Have you ever come across a situation where you have to work with
someone who you are not attracted to? How do you still maintain the
chemistry on the camera?

I’m not Monica. I didn’t slash my wrist over Thanksgiving dinner. I went
for a drive. You took a baby. I didn’t plan first it doesn’t mean I hurt
the baby. I took care of the baby, I sang to the baby. I love that baby.


I get why everyone’s freaking out. But I mean you pulled some stupid
pretty serious shit, not too long ago and everyone didn’t try to turn on
you and permanently medicate you. I went to jail. So did I. And now I’m
out. But I’m not Monica any more than you are.

T: Well again, because it is acting. I make sure that I can see myself
doing that scene with the person. I have said No in the past. But once
you work with a big studio, they usually cast great guys, so it is
extremely rare to come across these kind of situations.

I told you not to fuck up your life. Don’t fucking do that. You guys are
happy. And you can be happy again, but not if you go fuck someone else.
And the two of you.i mean, I can’t handle it if you can’t figure this
shit out. I mean, this is not fucking fair. But you guys you’re Kevin
and figure it out.


It’s not fair? You married too, Fiona. And you were happy too. And then
you fucked Jimmy . So figure out your own shit instead of putting it all
on me.

Maybe once in a while, they will let you to work with a guy that you
don’t really like, but usually they are pretty great. It happens more
with small studios. Once I was told one hour before filming, that the
guy I was supposed to shoot with could not make it and it would be with
another guy. I saw the picture, and I was not happy. I did not say
anything but to be honest, if they had showed me before, I would have
said No. Afterwards, I was angry at them because they had put me in a
situation where I had to do something that I was not OK with.

Frank used to drunk like that. Every moment he argued with Monica. He
drunk like a shit. But it didn’t work. He always came back to her. You
can’t drink him away, Mickey. It didn’t work.


So, you are a good guy. And I am a asshole. It’s absolutely. You know
I’m changing. You are a good man. And I won’t this is over. I hate what
I did. I hate that I hurt you. I want to take it back. And I want to
make it right. And I don’t even know if I really know what love is. You
know, except a thing that I fuck in all the time. I respect the shot out
of you, and I miss you. And all day today when everything in my family
is just falling apart, I just kept wishing you were with me. And that’s
what I knew.

P: Was that one of the comments you made online which was related to one
of the very unprofessional experiences?

Don’t shoot. I’m white ;


Don’t say anything. Ask for a layer.

T: Yes. However, these days, when you work with big studios, such as It is just amazing and they will do everything for you. They
make sure you are fed, stay in a good hotel, and have your flights and
cab. Some other studios don’t even give you a drink on set.



We can’t guarantee you will be safe in there.

P: Do you guys also need to be tested really often to keep working in
this industry, given the fact that you have to have sex with quite a few

Make friend in there. Do things for them. So they can protect you.


Good work and no play.

T: I have shot some bareback scenes, but there are just a handful of
them. Even if you only shoot safe sex, there is always a risk. So to
make sure that I am not in a position where I can get something or
transmit anything, I get tested every month.

But asshole know how to made a deep impression on people.


Why you take such an interest? Well, it’s my job to take an interest in
my students.

It’s for my own health, and peace of mind. It’s also important to
respect your co-workers, and my husband of course. If I catch something
on set, I can get treated, it’s fine. But it is more a matter of knowing
yourself and making sure that you are being safe. Also it is about
respect, for the person you are going to have close physical intimacy

I’m not sure what you think you’ve doing. But there’s a policy against
fraternizing ditch your professor. I don’t want to fraternize. I want to
fuck you.


What did you came for? Me? Robotics. They got one of the best labs in
the Midwest here. Four years of free equipment. I’m happy to put up with
a little bit of bullshit.

P: So how long does it normally take for you to get ready for a scene. I
heard sometimes, a scene that lasts 20 minutes, needs to take hours to

Algorithm. Writing code. What if one wanted to hack into financial aid?
You know.change an entry to “paid in full”. Ok. You just need a sequel
injection to get the hashed password. I can take a look for you.


Not me. I’m going out with a bang, not a whimper.

T: Usually a scene would be around 20 to 30 minutes, and normally would
take between one hour to 15 hours to shoot. A couple of times, I have
scenes shoot for 11 or 12 hours in one day. It was horrible.

You believe in god, frank? I believe a force, that thinks it’s greater
then myself. Hey, I survived this.


What’s peaceful about dying?

P: Wow, in one day, how to you keep that up all the time?

I don’t care how much they mediate. When the time comes, those Hindus
will be shitting their pants just like the rest of us. You know what
they’re be thinking? “Fuck. I wish I’d tried steak.”


Bianca .

T: It was very difficult. At the end, I was like I am done. I just
wanted to go back to my hotel. It wasn’t fun at all. Thankfully the
director got fired this year, so I am glad.

She knows what she want, Bd she doesn’t second-guess herself. It’s sexy.
There’s no substitute for experience.


I was just getting started.

P: Do you feel a little bit strange to have sex in front of cameras, as
you need to be aware of the angles and everything. Can you still enjoy
bits, or do you have to treat it just as work, and make sure all good
shots are captured?

Guy said”You got this”



T: It is a bit of both. You have to make sure you are or you show that
you are enjoying yourself. At the same time, you need to make sure you
open your body up to the camera. It’s practice. The more you shoot, the
more you know about the positioning and look natural as well. So it is
very important to know how to work with cameras.

Drug problem; break up with a guy means Fiona will meet someone.
Something surrounding was changing.


Iven hurt himself.

P: Do you have to stop in the middle sometimes, just for the
photographer to get a good picture?

A new dying girl


It’s always the same. Sexy, lying. End and up.

T: Usually the pictures are done first. So you do all the positons with
the picture, and you know what positons you can do and you do them. It’s
actually good as you will know in the actual filming, what positons come
after so the transitions can be more natural. And it is actually quite
funny to see afterwards how you do different transitions from this to
that. Some studios do the pictures during the filming, but it is not the
best way.



Nothing. I’m just passing.

P: And it is quite cool that you can practice all different positions
with your husband 😛

We talk to each other. And then solve the problem.



T: It’s funny because I never try these positions with my husband as it
is always very natural. That’s why I always say I don’t have sex with my
husband, I make love to him. It’s not the same dynamic. It’s the
emotions. Sometimes, it can last an hour, sometimes it lasts 10 minutes.
And that’s the great thing as it is the passion and the intimacy.

Dying girl killed herself


Sexy with any guy

P: Do you feel a little bit awkward or strange if your husband sees your



Keep going man. Let’s what was happening next time.

T: Well, obviously, he has seen me and I have nothing to be ashamed of.
I know that he has seen all the trailers for my movies. I wouldn’t watch
them with him. It is work, I always keep it that way as much as
possible. Sometimes, he is like, oh you look like you are really
enjoying yourself. I am like it is just work. Maybe it looks great and
we had fun and laughed a lot. But it is still just work, that’s it.

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And in the evening, I go home to my husband.


P: It is actually such an amazing thing that you have someone to go back
to every evening.


T: It is and it does bring some balance. I guess I was missing that
before meeting him. I did not have any balance; it was all work.


P: A lot of my friends are using all kinds of dating apps. They meet
people like having fast food, and they complain that it is so hard to
find a decent boyfriend. Do you think people should really get to know
each other before jumping into beds?


T: Dating apps is good and bad. It has helped a lot of people to come
out and meet other guys without actually having to go to a gay bar. It
is easier, a lot of people do use it as a tool to do what you have said.


It’s important to know what exactly you want. It’s very easy to
complain. If you just want to hook-ups, great. If you want to find a
boyfriend, maybe try to look deeper. Everyone, even if a person says he
only wants sex, still wants a boyfriend and be in love.


If you are open to meeting someone and actually open for relationships
to other people. You will always have the possibility of finding a
boyfriend. Sometimes it takes a bit more work, because you are shy or
socially awkward, or their appearances don’t fit into the stereotypes of
a perfect gay guy. But whatever you look like, there is always someone
who will find you attractive. And there is always people who will find
you ugly and unattractive, even with me.


A lot of the guys don’t know what they want. They say they want
boyfriends, but at the same time, they want to have sex with lots of
other guys. So I think it is a matter of really looking inside you and
your own feelings, and then you can actually manage to do what you are
meant to do.


You know there are also some guys, they look so cute, and you will be
like, omg, I wanna talk to him. And it’s funny as it was how I met my
first boyfriend.


I just turned 18 in Dublin, and I was seeing a couple of friends. I
walked up to him and said hi, and that was it. I literally interrupted
him as he was with a friend. I was 18 and he was 34, so he was a not a
boy anymore.


P: Have you watched the TV series Queer as Folk? It was kind of like how
Justin and Bryan were first met.



T: Bryan was a jerk in the series, while the guy I met was the kindest
person I could ever meet and he is still a friend. It’s always the same
because you have to take a chance in life. Even for porn, it was a huge
chance and risk I decided to do it. And I feel like it is a good thing,
which I also ended up meeting my husband.


P: Wow, how come you meet your husband through porn?


T: Because of porn, I was filming in Los Angeles. I met him as we have
friends in common. He is an underwear model as well as a celebrity
hairstylist. He doesn’t do porn though lots of studios have invited him
for that.


P: Ah, so you guys are in totally different industries.


T: I wanna make sure that he has his own life and career as well. I
don’t want to feel like we have to compare ourselves. I think we have to
compliment and add to each other, rather than share everything. We need
to bring different things into the relationship. Your work, and your
career is a big thing. I love the fact that he does things I cannot do.
It’s pretty amazing you can have that.


P: How long were you single before meeting your husband?


T: I was never much single. I always go from one relationship to
another. I hate being single. Every time I break up with someone, I
always feel like I want to be single. And next week, I will find a guy
who I really really like and look great, and here we go again.


When I met Shawn, I was not expecting to meet anyone. I was not looking
for boyfriend. But when I met him, I kept him.


P: Looks like you guys have the perfect gay couple life: attractive,
good career, and a cute dog. Maybe some day to have a baby as well. And
I would love to adopt a cute mixed baby, such as Asian and European.


T: And I will have an Asian baby.


Theo Ford(右)和老公Shawn de Rodez

P: Do you feel like here in Europe, Asians are not as popular as they
are in some other places. The popular ones here, are either the super
girly ones, or the ones who are like very stocky and muscular. The ones
in between, sometimes, do not seem to be that popular.


T: In Europe in general, Asian guys are not that popular. But London is
different as it is a very international and diverse city. You have lots
of inter-racial couples. That’s what I like about it. My husband and I,
we are biracial as well. It’s amazing to share different cultures and I
would love to have babies with him. There is actually a technology now
that you can put three people’s DNAs.


I would love to have Shawn get pregnant, lol. As a gay guy, you have to
work for it (having babies) and decide. It seems more like a mission
rather than something that just happens naturally. We will definitely
have kids, and hopefully in 3 or 4 years. Depending on where we live and
what we do, preferably before I am 35. I want to be a young dad.


P: A lot of the Chinese guys have to live in the closet because of the
social culture and family pressure. It is hard to come out, and in order
to do that, I think we have to be financially well-off, and totally
being able to afford a stable life, and surrogate babies if we want to.


T: I have lots of Chines friends who are more or less out. It’s a shame
because sexuality is something so natural, and there is nothing more to
change it. Homosexuality has been around for millenniums, as well as
with the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians. So it is not something
happened with the internet or new technologies. It is something that
exists in the animal kingdom as well. We have thousands of different
species that have homosexual relationships. It is natural and in nature,
though it is obviously cultural and religious too.


When you do porn, and you are so out sexually. It is kind of amazing to
show that you can be empowered by your sexuality, regardless you are gay
or straight. But you can actually own your sexuality and be proud of it,
being able to decide what you want to do.


It is amazing when some of my fans from China, even on Twitter. They
tweeted and telling me they are a big fan. And telling me they feel
happy to see that I can be happy and being gay; even being in porn and
happily married to another man.


I am happy by myself. It kind of makes me happy that I can show others
that I can live a healthy life even I am gay. We have to educate people
to tell them that it is actually great to be gay. It is actually even
maybe more fun and exciting. Society cannot tell you that you have to be
married if you are 30.


When you are gay. You don’t have that. Imagine that you are a lesbian
woman. You don’t have a society that tells you that you have to have a
kid by 30. I love the fact that you are outside the society and the
rules. You can even create your own rules. I am the first generation of
homosexuals that can get married. And it is amazing to be a pioneer.


P: Did you guys get married here or in America?


T: We got married in Beverly Hills, LA, where my husband is from. I got
his name tattooed on my fingers two weeks ago for our 8-month wedding
anniversary. He got mine on his too.


When we got married and repeated the vows, it is pretty crazy. Sometimes
when I see movies or TV shows that have the same scene. I feel a bit


Not every day is easy as we also have fights. We are different people.
Sometimes it is difficult to adapt and we got married only after 3 weeks
of knowing each other. We met on the 17th of March on St. Patrick’s day.
It is really cool because I am Irish and this is a national holiday. On
the 8th of April, we got married. That was pretty quick and a lot of
people thought it was a fake wedding. It’s funny because people still
talk like that. If you see us, all the time, we hold hands every where
we go.


P: That’s so sweet and romantic, even just to have someone to hold hands
together wherever you go.


Sometimes, you were not expected to be romantic and it just happened.
And I think we all have that kind of romanticism in us. So you really
have to open and dig out.


P: Indeed, and I have done some very romantic things for my exes in the
past. When you look back, you will actually be amazed at how and when
you come up with these kind of ideas.


T: Sometimes it is like taking a risk to do something like that. When I
met my husband, it was my last night in LA. I needed to fly to New York
the next morning. And I asked him if he wanted to come with me. He was
like I don’t know and as it was literally the next day, the plan tickets
were so expensive. He couldn’t afford it. I told him not to worry, and
just take a day off to make sure he is free.


I got his tickets. The next day he came with me to New York for 3 days.
Later he had to go back to LA to work. So our first date started in LA,
and went on to New York, and lasted for 4 days in two different cities.
It is also the stories that make the relationship special. I like that
and you cannot make that up.


P: So who proposed? Is it yours or his idea?


T: It was a sunny Easter Sunday, and we spent the day with friends. At
dinner, he was like I don’t want to live another day without you. I want
to get married. And I was like are you sure. It’s funny because I said
yes. But it was more like are you sure? And he was like yeah. OK let’s
do it. I was a bit crazy as well. It was also a way to make a point that
we want to prove to each other that we really want to be together.


P: Dating these days seem so much more complicated as we need to
consider so many things; and always, there are so many choices, such as
omg, he is cute, but he doesn’t have a great career. We tend to lose the
guts of just doing it, simply being together.


P: Some people these days even use plastic surgeries to make themselves
fit into certain standards, such as high cheek bones, skinny faces. What
do you think about these?


T: If it really helps you to make yourself feel better in your skin, do
it. If it is just a replacement for something you are not getting in
life, such as self-esteem and respect, that can be very dangerous.
That’s why there is actually higher percentage of suicides among people
who take plastic surgeries because they think going through certain body
changes will make them happier, but you have to be happy first.


P: And you need to feel so careful and delicate when having sex with
these people (Just kidding, oops, don’t break my nose or lip).


T: Sometimes, you just have to make sure you are the best you can be. It
never a matter being perfect or being exactly what people want you to be
in this industry. And this actually apply for everything in life. That’s
actually why my name Theo come from for porn. It means the descendant of
a human being into a god-like state. The idea is, every day, you become


P: It’s the perfect relationship you can have. To help each other become
better versions. It kind of sucks that most of guys are seeking
temporary romances and chemistries.


T: Getting married so quickly might seem crazy but it has actually made
us better and stronger. Because we are married, we have to stay together
and make an effort to really be together to make each other happy. So it
was actually really great to get married so quickly before we get tired
of each other. Even if at some point, it really turns out to be a huge
mistake, you can always get a divorce. In my head, if I don’t give this
the best chance possible, I never know what my life can be with him.


We get engaged on Sunday and I told my mon. We picked the rings on
Monday. On the Wed we got married. So my Facebook status, changed from
being in a relationship, to engaged, and to married in like 4 days.
People were like what happened?


P: People might just think it is for post April Fool’s Day, lol


T: It was actually just in April and just after that. I like the idea of
just making the biggest effort. If you don’t risk, you don’t get









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